Raw Pine Furniture

About Raw Pine

Raw pine furniture, refers to items that are constructed in a raw unfinished state. All raw pine furniture will require some form of sealing finish to protect, preserve and enhance it. A finish is necessary to protect the wood from water damage, dirt, stains, etc. You can apply a finish either directly to the wood or over a stain after it has dried. Typically, raw pine furniture surfaces are machine finished only and it is recommended for the best results to sand the surfaces by hand with a fine grain sandpaper, so the timber is smooth to the touch, prior to applyng any finishing stains or paints.

Whilst all of our Australian made pieces are available in raw pine, typically any imported items are only available in the stained finish and usually only in the one colour. So look for Australia as Country of origin in the items specifications and it should be available in raw pine.

Selecting the Raw Pine option

When you browse to an item that is available in raw pine, you will need to select from the "Finish" dropdown box and select "Raw Pine".

Select raw pine

The price should now change (less) to reflect your selection, however the image will remain the same. You will have to make a selection regardless, so make sure you select "Raw Pine"

All of our Australian made pieces are available in raw pine, and most are also available in a variety of factory finshed natural timber stains.

Care and Maintenance

For more information about the various finishes available and how to maintain them please go to about our timber furniture .